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5 Ways Businesses Waste Money by Not Having Proper IT Guidance 

As a business owner or manager, you know the importance of being productive and efficient with your time. But do you realize how many small tasks can waste money without even knowing it?

The following list is compiled from various sources around why this happens:

1. Purchasing the Wrong Equipment     

        - It can be difficult to find the right equipment for your company. IT Providers consider many factors when choosing what equipment will work best with their clients' services. They will use some general guidelines to save time and money on purchases. These considerations also help them provide better customer service and help with the clients' workflow. 

2. Emergency Spending, No Planning in Advance

         - When your company's IT needs are not in order, it can lead to more problems or a financial catastrophe down the line. A great benefit of working with an MSP is the experience and preparation they offer - less downtime means higher productivity rates which will ultimately save you money.

3. Cost of 3rd Party Licensing and Services

          - When purchasing a-la-carte services, you may be adding more accounts and services than you need. You may gain unsecured monthly rates that are not necessary for what you need to operate smoothly - especially if they don't even offer customizable packages. It makes sense to utilize an established provider who can package customized offerings based on your needs and save you time and money along the way.

4. Operational Inefficiencies

          - No business is immune from inefficiencies, and every business should assess its processes on a regular basis. Working with a Managed Services Provider can help you pinpoint those inefficiencies. Things like your ethernet, data storage, technology, hardware, firewall and user permissions can affect performance and downtime.

5. Paying for Expired Services

         - Businesses often pay for services that they no longer need or use. This usually occurs because the person who oversees billing is unaware of what platforms/services are needed and the person relaying the message forgot to report unneeded software. When you decide to work with an MSP, they are in contact on your behalf with your operational vendors, and you will have a birds-eye view of what you are actually utilizing.

See If You Are Excessively Spending.

As you can see, wasteful spending can come in all sorts of facets within your business. A decent IT Provider will help minimize some wasteful spending. Wouldn't it be great to have one source to go to for all of your IT needs? No more trying to figure out what to budget for or how to stay under budget.

Take a look at what can be expected without having a fixed IT Spend:

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